The CLOUDLITE™ Duc-Kit Pro Ultra Lightweight Dry Bags

Lightweight Dry Bags


They are a bag for life and one cannot appreciate the quality and design until you use one. Instead of flotation bags get a 20L bag filled with dry clothing and a towel - Royal Marine sense! Dry kit + 18kg buoyancy.

Peter A

''love it! my 20L dry bag is spot on. Tough and stylish.''


"Does what it says on the tin. Saved my gear! Particularly impressed with the quality and feel of these dry bags. Looks like it's built to last."

Rob Mc

Camping,bike touring or just out in the wilds, sick and tired of your spare clothes being damper than an Otters pocket?? Get yourself a Duc-Kit bag. Awesome kit at a good price and dry pants !! Now there's a bonus....


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Why Use  A Dry Bag & Which One?

Why Use A Dry Bag & Which One?

Why use a Dry Bag?

The million-dollar question - when should I use a Dry Bag, and does it matter if I don’t?

The answers to these seemingly inoffensive questions are, Always, when you are going to be on or near the water, and Yes it matters - nobody like wet kit!

All year round British Canoeing Accredited Training Centre - OPEN!

All year round British Canoeing Accredited Training Centre - OPEN!

Check out this all year round British Canoeing accredited training centre in the heart of Staffordshire.

Paul Bull says...

When to go canoeing or kayaking in Sweden and Finland

When to go canoeing or kayaking in Sweden and Finland

If you’re planning a paddle adventure, whether it’s a two-week Canadian canoe expedition into the wilds or a long weekend of archipelago kayaking, one of the things you’ll need to decide is when to go.

Holidays & Experiences Selected For You

Canoeing on the Tar Route in Kainuu (Finland)

Chosen from a select range of partners, why not treat yourself to something out of the ordinary.

The Tar Route, historically used for the transport of tar from the forests to the Baltic sea, offers wonderful opportunities for paddling in the beautiful Lentua lake system in the east of Finland.

This self-guided canoe tour takes you through a labyrinthine landscape of lakes, islands, small rivers and passages towards the end point at Kuhmo, making short land transports past some small rapid sections en route.

Along the way you will camp each night at some of the designated camping spots in the area, which have fireplaces and wood provided for your evening campfire. In summer, the water is warm and ideal for swimming – the perfect way to freshen up after a day’s paddling!

Image courtesy of Christine Davies.

Click here for details

Stockholm Archipelago Self-guided Kayak Explorer (Sweden)

See more of this beautiful trips details  from Nature Travels by clicking the link below.

This self-guided tour, using single or double kayaks, takes place in the Middle Archipelago ("Mellersta Skärgård" in Swedish), a beautiful region of Sweden’s east coast and part of the larger Stockholm Archipelago network.

Accessible in less than an hour from Sweden’s capital, you have more than 300 islands to discover within 10km of the start point. The area may be easy to reach from the city, but many parts of the archipelago feel surprisingly remote.

Over 3 or more days, discover the archipelago in your own way at a pace that suits you – the possibilities are almost endless. Stop for lunch on forested islands, sunbathe on smooth rocks and take a dip in the cool waters, and in the evenings, choose your perfect spot to pitch camp for the night.

Image courtesy of Tanya Rouleau.