Protein Powder - BERRY BEAUTIFUL - Duc-Kit Pro
Protein Powder - BERRY BEAUTIFUL - Duc-Kit Pro

Protein Powder - BERRY BEAUTIFUL

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VOTED #1 UK Protein Powder by "Best Protein Powder Online"

All-natural protein blends from ENRICHD are extracted from high quality plant sources.

Whether you are looking for a high protein post workout shake or a natural addition to a great diet, the ENRICHED blend of digestive enzymes, plant fibres and protein gives you a unique lift. A superior amino acid, plant based natural product with a delicious flavour – What’s not to like!

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How many grams of protein?

Each 1kg bag has c.33 servings.

BERRY BEAUTIFUL = 21g protein (per scoop)

Unique Features


- STRONG and well balanced amino acid profile (UK Hemp + Pea)
- NO artificial flavours or sweeteners
- DIGESTIVE ENZYMES to support digestion
- GREAT flavours
- Natural source of vitamins and minerals
- Contains extra SUPER FOODS (Chlorella and Moringa)
- Source of Magnesium and Iron
- 20g+ of digestible proteins together with plant fibres that may help balance blood sugar levels and prevent sugar craving’s and energy dips.


SIMPLY ADD a scoop of your choice of protein powder into your favourite smoothie, water or nut milk, then shake or blend and drink.

ENRICHD raw plant-based proteins contain ingredients that are free from pesticides, herbicides, additives or any type of contaminants. The ingredients are grown using organic practices and have been 3rd party tested and shown to be cleaner than other products (we take this seriously).


(See images for BERRY BEAUTIFUL raw plant-based protein and PLAIN JANE ingredients lists).